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Tuesday 26th March
The Coach House, Kings Arms, King Street, Tring.
Tickets £12

This year's Tringe Aperitif continues with a fabulous line of great comedians - Josh Jones makes his debut in Tring and Tring favourites Angela Barnes and Rob Kemp return. They are all testing their new shows in the most intimate of settings at the Coach House.

Come early and have a meal in the Kings Arms - Call 01442 823318 and tell them you're coming to the comedy.


Earn 3 points for each ticket purchased.

Rob Kemp.jpgRob Kemp in Moonraker 2 : Moonrakerer

I don't remember my dreams*.

The closest I get are the silly ideas that occur during that thin veil between sleep and awake, where your mind wanders unimpeded and undirected. This is a collection of those ideas. Some will be funny* and some won't make sense*.
There will be some stuff on Belgian surrealist René Magritte, and a song full of penis synonyms about the Icelandic Phallological Society, but surprisingly, no James Bond.
*I have accepted this, you should too.
Rob Kemp is the multi-award-winning, Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer Nominated creator of The Elvis Dead.
This is not that. This is a new thing.





Josh Jones.jpgJOSH JONES: Puppet Master! (Work In Progress)

After years of failing to fit in, Josh Jones has spent the last five years trying to take control of his life, cutting the strings from everybody else’s expectations. "He has a very engaging personality, and a back story that should keep him in routines for years to come" – Chortle (Steve Bennett)





Work in Progress.