Luke Rollason and Seayoncé

Date Friday 5th July 2024
Time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:15 PM
Venue The Dembe Theatre

The Tringe continues with another wonderful night of comedy. Two Tringe debutants who are smashing it elsewhere in the country join us for an amazing event - brilliant physical comedian Luke Rollason is joined by the outstanding Seayoncé for a night you will not forget.

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Luke Rollason.jpgLuke Rollason, Luke Rollason, Let Down Your Hair

Trumpets: parp parp parp paaarp, Fringe favourite and Disney Prince heartthrob of Extraordinary (Disney+) descends from his ivory (Fairtrade) tower to glisten your eyes with this monument to creativity and fantasy.

Take a swan-dive into this physical comedy fantasia of kings and clowns, and one absolutely hideous duck. When You Wish Upon A Star, this is the show you get, I'm afraid.

'Utterly delightful, gloriously daft' **** (Telegraph).

'Hugely entertaining' ***** (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine).

'Hilarious and mesmerising' **** (

'Gut-bustingly funny' **** (List).

Shortlisted: Comedian's Choice Award 2022.


seayonce_poster.jpgSéayoncé: She Must Be Hung!

The legendary Ghost-Whisperer returns and this time it's a witch trial! It's time to figure out which witch is which? Will everyone's favourite co-medium survive? Will she literally give up the Ghost? One thing is for certain: she simply must be hung!

A bewitching night of mystical debauchery, cabaret ballads and camp theatrics. Join Séayoncé and murderous accomplice Leslie-Ann for a hexceptional evening where we raise the stakes... and burn the witch. You're spell-bound to be scared stiff.

'Hilarious, outrageous' ★★★★★ (

'Perfect drag duo that transcend comedic talent' (