Date Monday 17th July 2023
Time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:15 PM
Venue The Court Theatre

This Tringe night features not only two of the finest comedians, but as it happens both have faced some significant health issues in recent years. Paul has missed the last two Tringe Festivals, firstly because of his Parkinson's diagnosis, and then last year because of Covid. In Marcus' case he has had a couple of strokes. Both comedians are an example to everyone of how we, not only overcome adversity, but frankly they get us all to laugh out loud in the process. This will be a very special night!


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PAUL SINHA - FRINGE GUIDE 2023 - 300DPI.jpgPaul Sinha: Pauly Bengali

An Edinburgh Fringe preview of comedian Paul Sinha's latest stand-up show.
Acclaimed comedian, daytime TV star and global TikTok sensation, Paul Sinha is at least two of these.
‘Packed with goodies and not a moment of padding or superfluity, this is easily the funniest and most gratifying stand-up I have seen in two decades’ ***** Broadway Baby (2022 Edinburgh Fringe)
‘This isn’t going to be a cosy, teatime, ITV-friendly hour... a seriously impressive show.’ **** 1⁄2 Chortle (2022 Edinburgh Fringe)
‘Very cutting for a man whose neck looks like a stack of Cumberland sausages’ Garry Bushell
‘Not the wealthiest Chaser’ Liverpool Echo

Markus Birdman

MARKUS BIRDMAN - SEA.jpgJune 5th 2021, I had a stroke. It was my second. I found myself in hospital, mid-lockdown, with no visitors allowed. I’ve permanently lost half my eyesight. One night I went to the toilet and sat down on another naked blind man, already there. I was too blind to see him. He was too blind to stop me!
So it’s not ALL doom!

I’d like to tell you about it. Not to create feelings of pity toward me, more a sense of awe & fawning admiration.
I have had a unique experience about a topic, often sniggered over, but I’m keen to make you laugh, but also to raise a little awareness. Well done me! (Ahem!)

“A torrent of formidable gags, skilfully told, and with a gripping story underpinning them all” ★★★★ ½ Chortle
“This soul bearing show is a joy. Such weighty material, handled with the utmost respect” ★★★★ The Skinny

A Chortle Award nominee for best club comedian in 2023, Markus has written for Jayde Adams and supported Jason Manford at the Palladium.