Omid Djalili - WIP

Date Tuesday 20th February 2024
Time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:15 PM
Venue The Court Theatre

Come and see Omid Djalili work in new material. Legendary festival favourite, stand-up comedian, film and television star Omid Djalili guarantees you an evening of experimentation.

Tickets running low on this evening so a 2nd night has been added (see 21st Feb).

Tickets For Omid Djalili - WIP

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'Right now, the Iranian Djalili is probably one of the most subversive, let alone funniest, comedians around' (Guardian). 'To carve yourself out a career as the thinking person's comedian in this political climate takes a fine brain and a masterful way with the audience. There is no question that Omid Djalili possesses both' (Sunday Times).

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