Our Sponsors

We are very fortunate to have several sponsors who support us during the year. Big Yellow and 4-Seconds sponsor the Tringe Festival and Tape Specialities support are advertising all year round.

We would welcome any other sponsors who would be interested in joining our comedy campaign - bringing the best entertainment to our area. Please fill out the contact us form to show your interest

See below for more information about them...


Big Yellow Self Storage have sponsored the Tringe Festival since 2011. We're very grateful to them for their support of the annual event.


The Cook Partnership are the Tringe Festivals newest sponsors. The family owned local Chartered Accountants are a very welcome addition to the Tringe. Their support is gratefully received.


Thank you to Stuart Seagrave and everyone at Tape Specialities for sponsoring all the advertising in the Tring & Berkhamsted Living Magazines.

4 Seconds Ltd are the 3rd headline sponsor of the Tringe Festival and have been supporting us since 2010. As well as designing and managing this website, they will also be producing all marketing material.