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Our membership scheme is a must if you are a local comedy lover. With regular emails from the club, personalised alerts of new gigs, and generally a faff free guarantee you'll always have access to every gig.

The scheme provides great benefits for regular comedy goers whilst helping to ensure the sustainability of our comedy club.

Additionally there is an incentive programme built into the membership system which rewards those who go to more gigs and particularly those who go to the less well known shows. With increased loyalty, this will help us to broaden the creative output and take more risks with the shows that we promote.

A single membership will allow you to buy a single 'Early Bird' ticket, so if you will need two tickets for every gig, you will need two memberships to get the best chance.
Please note - in the same way as purchasing normal tickets, there is a £1 booking fee. These are direct charges by the bank and card carrier and entirely out of our control.




EARLY BIRD TICKET OPPORTUNITIES* - For when new gigs are launched. Accessed through your password protected membership area you will be able to buy 'early-bird' tickets for gigs before they go on general sale. One membership will allow you to buy one 'early-bird' ticket, two memberships will be required for two 'Early-Bird' Tickets etc etc.


FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT NEW SHOWS - New show alerts will be sent first to members via email. This will give you the best chance to get tickets before a general club email is sent out and they go on general release.


SEAT RESERVATION - Members have the ability to reserve their seats at every gig. A simple email to the promoter and you don't need to worry about where you'll be in the theatre.


FREE TICKETS for the TRINGE APERITIF in March! We will need confirmation which gigs you will be coming to so we can monitor numbers. You will be emailed directly to confirm which gigs you will go to. The venue is tiny so tickets for these shows will be limited on a "first come first served" basis. Points will NOT be awarded for free tickets.


FREE LAST MINUTE TICKETS. Any unsold seats will be offered to Members within 24 hours of the show in question. These will be allocated to Members on a first-come-first-served nature due to the short-term nature of the offer. The tickets are transferable to Family/Friends. Points will NOT be awarded for Free tickets.


POINTS MEAN PRIZES** - Every show will have an allocated set of points that will be awarded to any member who goes to that specific show. As points are collected, each member will be designated as either a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Member. Your ranking will change as members buy tickets and at certain points in the year, prizes may be awarded to the top ranked GOLD members. Prizes previously awarded include Branded Get Stuffed Umbrellas and Steve Best's Comedy Photo Book.

PLEASE NOTE - As a member, there is no guarantee of getting a seat at any given gig. This scheme is simply giving members an advantage in booking earlier and having a better chance of purchasing tickets before the general public.

*The number of 'Early Bird' Tickets you can buy relates to the number of memberships you hold. If you hold two memberships then you can buy 2 'Early-Bird' Tickets and so on.

**A member who purchases multiple memberships will accrue the points from all their membership accounts. They will however, only get a single prize, when prizes are allocated.

A lot of thought has gone into how this system should work. We've kept the system as cost effective as possible to ensure it is as fair as possible. The combination of GREAT VALUE, FREE tickets, Last minute OFFERS and PRIZES should make it very popular. If you have any considered feedback we would welcome your comments CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

Q&A - will be updated as questions are asked.

Q - I've already bought tickets for forthcoming shows. Will I get those points?

A - Yes. We have the means to manually add these points. You will however need to tell us which shows you have bought tickets for. This will be double-checked and the points will be added.

Q - When does the membership start and finish?

A - The Membership will run for 12 months from the date you make the purchase. You will receive an automated email when the membership needs renewing.

Q - If I buy two memberships, are any 'Early Bird Tickets' we purchase transferable to other friends and family?

A - Yes. As long as they have the ticket reference number, anyone can use the tickets.

Q - How many points will I need to be in a particular Gold, Silver and Bronze tier?

A - The tier you are in at any point is calculated by the number of points you have scored compared to the number of points scored by other members. They are worked out as follows:
Top 25% of point scorers - GOLD
The next 25% of point scorers - SILVER
Remaining Members - BRONZE

Q - When do the points get assigned?

A - The points are assigned as soon as you purchase the show tickets. The system will update everyone's status everytime a purchase is made.

Q - Will the points and tier be visible on my account page?

A - Yes - you will have the following information on your Account Page:
Name, Number, Phone, Seats, Points, Status (Gold, Silver or Bronze), A list of any Priority Events available, the ability to edit your details including adding further memberships if required.

Q - How do I know how many points I will get for each gig?

A - The points are listed next to each gig on the What's On page and also listed next to the buy button on each event page.

Q - Will we get a Membership Card?

A - Not at this stage - however it's a great idea and we will investigate the possibility.

Q - Does the Membership replace the Tringe Passport?

A - No it doesn't. The Passport will still exist. Members who buy the Passport will get 10 points added to their tally (the highest number of points you can receive).

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