Zoe Brownstone, Dan Wye & Luke Rollason

Date Sunday 24th March 2024
Time 7:30 PM
Doors Open 7:00 PM
Venue The Kings Arms

Join Zoe Brownstone, Dan Wye and Luke Rollason for an intimate night of comedy as they run through the early versions of the show that will end up at the Edinburgh Festival. Testing their shows on witting or unwitting members of the public is a special part of the comedy process. Laugh or cry, this could be a night to remember.

Zoe Brownstone

Zoe-Brownstone - 450.jpgZoe Brownstone has been performing standup since before dating apps existed and yet she still does not know how love works if you can even believe it!

That's not the whole truth, in fact she is quite certain she has unlocked several mysteries of the heart along the way including how to survive step-parenthood, deportation and bilingual pandemic breakups.

She may even be willing to share some of these top tips with you but how will you know unless you come and see her brand new hour of stand up?!

Heralded as an 'incredible joke writer' by fellow Canadian Mae Martin, Zoe has been one of London's fastest rising circuit comics and cannot wait to share her new hour with all three of her exes (and you hopefully).

Luke Rollason

Luke Rollason - 450.jpgTrained bushbaby and star of Extraordinary (Disney+) performs physical comedy for popular people.

Trumpets: parp parp parp paaarp
Fringe favourite and Disney Prince heartthrob of Extraordinary (Disney+) Luke Rollason descends from his ivory (fairtrade) tower to glisten your eyes with this monument to creativity and fantasy. Take a swan dive into this physical comedy fantasia of Kings and Clowns, and one absolutely hideous duck.

When You Wish Upon A Star (Luke Rollason, star of Extraordinary, Disney+) this is the show you get, I’m afraid.

’Utterly delightful, gloriously daft’ ★★★★ Telegraph
’Hugely entertaining’ ★★★★★ Ed Fest Mag
'Hilarious and mesmerising’ ★★★★ Chortle
’Gut-bustingly funny’ ★★★★ The List
’Utterly, wonderfully mental’ ★★★★ Entertainment Now

Shortlisted: Comedian's Choice Award 2022


Dan Wye - 450.jpgDan Wye

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