Mark Watson and Rob Auton

Date Monday 1st July 2024
Time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:15 PM
Venue The Dembe Theatre

The Tringe continues with another wonderful night of comedy. Tringe favourite Mark Watson is joined by the brilliant Rob Auton, who makes his debut on our festival stage.

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Mark Watson WIP credit Photobat.jpgMARK WATSON: WORK IN PROGRESS

In the aftermath of a flight last year, Mark (from Taskmaster and so on) had the troubling realisation that we have handed over more and more of our humanity to machines and we’re not going to be able to stop them doing what they want with us. In this work-in-progress show ahead of a 2025 tour, he - or a very realistic simulation produced by AI - will begin to grapple with this in a comic form.



Rob Auton.jpgRob Auton: The Eyes Open and Shut Show

This is a show about eyes when they are open and eyes when they are shut. With this show I wanted to explore what I could do to myself and others with language when eyes are open and shut. After writing ten shows on specific themes, I wanted to think about what makes me open my eyes and what makes me shut them.

'A genuine original' (Guardian).

'The mother freaking greatest' (James Acaster).

'Very hilarious' (David Shrigley).

'A genius' (Bridget Christie).

'Makes laughter out of wonder. We need him' (Scotsman).